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About party:

The Fallen Angels Party is periodical, monthly party in gothic style which take place somewhere in dark undergrounds of Wroclaw in Poland. On the party we present the wide range of independent music from gothic metal up to dark&harsh electro.

If we look in the past, we can say the Fallen Angels Party started in the winter of 2004. Initiated by Fallen, at the beginning party was called „Fallen Angel Party”. In that time, party took place once at week in the club „Diabolique” (not existing already) in Wroclaw. Music profil of the FAP was still improving all the time between heavy gothic metal and strong bits of dark electro.

In year 2005 Mark Nox joined to Fallen, in result of this misalliance, name of party was changed, a litle bit to – Fallen Angels Party. Existing club „Diabolique” was closed in 2005, because of this, the FAP had to moved to other club. In 15.10.2005 we had party where MarkNox played together with Fallen in the new club – „Wagon Club” in Wroclaw. After some times it turned out that it was very good movment, there we have played up to 2011, when Wagon club was closed, after this we moved to other music local in Wroclaw – Liverpool.

In 2006 Faust joined to the FAP-team, from this moment the party began pick up speed, for arriving people to our party becomes serve more and more larger dose unforgettable musical impressions by three black apostles. Except varius music we can find also some different visualizations, video-clip and old horrors film. At the turn of the 2006/2007 Hethell has helped with organization of the FAP.

The Fallen Angels Party is still developing, result of this are „Cyber Hell” editions, that music destroys aural organs arrived people, we can hear uncompromis, fast and furious music of dark & harsh electro with admixture industrial, electro-trance and EBM. Person with gentle natures and dreaming in light sounds of gothic musics should avoid „Cyber Hell” editions, the FAP-team does not bear on responsibility of psychical injuries.

The Fallen Angels Party entertained many DJs, some time to time the FAP organize concerts, which adds larger pleasure of entertainment. From year to year the FAP becomes more and more popular, what is visible on dance floor and in the positive opinions about the FAP. In dependence on edition of our party and various DJs we could hear wide range of independent music from black metal, dark ambient, military ambient, neofolk, folk metal, dark wave, cold wave, dark electro, EBM, electro-trance, industrial, gothic rock/metal. The current team of the Fallen Angels Party is Fallen and Faust.

The machine which started in 2004 goes more and more fast, we applay more calorific carbon to stove and we hope it doesn’t stop so quickly…


DJ’s team:



Originator and founder of the FAP. At the beginning connected to goth metal and heavy harsh electro, gradually went into gentle sound of dark wave and synth-pop. He realize his passion – Scotland – that we can hear from time to time folk metal/rock. Except music, Fallen is developing his ability of making visualizations and video-clips for the FAP to satisfy not only ears but the eyes. He make posters for the FAP too.







The representative of dark side of civilization, connected to the FAP almost from beginning. Some times we can hear his old fascination – black/gothic metal, from sometimes his interest of music goes to in dark electro, dark wave to broaden his music horizons. Now he is discovering new regions of dark/martial ambient and neo folk. At present black apostle who is serving music of alleviation for lost souls. He diversifies party showing the old horrors, as well as it takes care about good advertisement to next editions in undergrounds of Wroclaw.



Bands which have been playing on the FAP:
– Lahka Muza, Hieros Gamos, Gorthaur, Orbicide, RSM, Dusk Watch, Lily of the Valley, Dark Side Eons, Black Tower, Miranda Cartel, This Cold, Electro Fear, Uncarnate, Citizen NI, Black Velvet, Black Canvas, Poison Words, Endera, Dead Factory, Wiktor37, [haven], Synta[XE]rror, Hyoscyamus Niger and Glasgarten


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